M U S I C    V I D E O S

"Tu N'Existe Pas" 2018

"Naked Feet" 2017

"Sunday Rest" 2017

"Have you ever" 2016

"Can´t Say" 2016

"Down to Earth" 2014

P R O M O    V I D E O S

"Catalunya" 2017

"3D Felines" 2016

F O R G O T T E N    S O N G S

"La Ballerine" 2016

"Leopard Mountain" 2016

D A N C I N G    V I D E O S

Batecs S01E06 "Senses"

Batecs S01E05 "Per tu"

Batecs S01E02 "Ara"

"Location" Showreel of Josh Gill

Batecs S01E04 "Re-conte"

Forgotten Songs "Lost in Paradise"