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ART EXHIBITION: Miky's Drag Race

From the 23rd of July to the 20th of September 2020, and available all summer, visit the "Miky's Drag Race" exhibition, with portraits of the most well know Drag Queens of the famous TV Show. Opening night with free cava and meet and greet with the artist.

Wild Animals

Miky's Drag Race

Africa: Big Five J+J

In my own words...

Born in the heart of Catalonia, I have grown and learnt from people from all around the world. My imagination has been fed with all the footprints I've followed through the cities I have lived at and my heart has been kneaded with all the ones I loved. To wake up everyday is a new chance to create, which is my breathing, and although I know that If I cut myself my blood would be rainbow coloured, my will to shout the renaissance caught in the twenty-first century who lives inside me, are stronger than any sorrow. On the canvas I bleed my feelings and through the written word I create a bridge between the real world and dreams, passport for which only have the ones who once believed in love.

Big Cats

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